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PSD Name:Menu Design Concept PSD
PSD Description: Whatsapp Menu Design Concept PSD
PSD: Menu Design Concept PSD
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Whatsapp Menu Design Concept

After going through whatsapp, i have found that, its a very big process to update a profile picture of whatsapp by going through different screens. Thats when i found out the new concept for Whatsapp menu, which is simple and is very easy to find the things. As we have to go through multiple clicks on whatsapp to update your profile picture. The one which i present can access from any screen of the app. Also there is a concept of timeline picture which can be viewed by the owner. It also has an option of your name and Your Designation. This may help in easy updates of user profile picture.

I feel that this will help us design more features so that whatsapp can be more easier in use with this side menu concept. It is also flat design which is trending these days. can also be implemented in material user interface which is developed by android.

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