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We welcome you to RC Creative Team of Designers.

If you are looking to build your own AUTHORITY  and active WEB PRESENCE as a DESIGNER, then keep reading, else visit the home page and explore our new and popular UI Designs.


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Why Contribute To Redesign Case?

Redesign Case is the fastest growing FREE ONLINE COMMUNITY FOR DESIGNERS. We have avg. page views of 150,000 in a month and still growing. Below are points we are offering to our  REGULAR CONTRIBUTORS.

  1. MONEY SHARING:  Yes, we will share the 50% of total amount generated by you on your each posts. More posts will give you more money.
    • Note: The designs should be exclusively for REDESIGN CASE. Duplicate or published designs are not eligible for monetization for your Contributor account.
  2. AUTHORITY: We have points and badges system according to your contribution to RC Creative Team. (COMING SOON…) 
    • Note 1: Each current contributor will automatically upgrade to our upcoming system.
    • Note 2: New system will live by Mid of March.
  3. EXPOSURE: You can showcase your RC Profile in your portfolio and gain more visibility.
    • Note: We are working on partnering with many other design sites to help you to gain higher visibility as an expert designer.
  4. BACKLINK: You will have a backlink to your website which will help your site to gain ranking.
  5. JOBS: We highlight job section in our site to all designers who are looking for respective jobs in designing fields. We send out job emails to Contributors for companies which we believe are best for you.


Who Can Contribute To Redesign Case?

Only DESIGNERS, but we are more into MOBILE UI and WEB UI although we love all type of designs you create. ;)


Guidelines For Contributing To Redesign Case?

  1. All Designs should be exclusively for Redesign Case.
  2. If you are submitting duplicate or published designs then add a link to the original source, but in that case, the post will not be eligible for monetization for your Contributor account.
  3. All images should be of high quality.
  4. If you are giving exclusive designs then upload your design to your Google Drive and add its Public link to the download field to the post.
  5. Add few lines of content to explain the design you are publishing (100-300 words are appreciated) with an appropriate keyword. Check the best keyword by using Google Keyword Planner Tool.
    • Note: We hate keyword Stuffing. Be gentle and honest towards your work.
  6. While submitting the post, do fill up the category, tags, Featured image, Meta Description (for search engines, to make sure you rank well).
  7. Now Register and start submitting your work.


If you find anything difficult, then hit us an email at


Happy Designing… ;)

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